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Development Cooperation


To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the grant aid programs that used to be carried out by multiple government ministries, the Korean government in April 1991 established KOICA under the MOFA as a unified grant provider. Through the sharing of Korean’s development experiences and know-how with its partner countries, KOICA aims to fight global poverty and support sustainable socio-economic development in developing countries. Setting health, education, governance, agriculture and rural development and technology, environment and energy as priority sectors, KOICA delivers grant-based programs through its development projects, Development Experience Exchange Program (DEEP), international volunteer and fellowship programs, emergency relief provision, multilateral cooperation.

Between 1991 and 2018, KOICA disbursed a total of about KRW 7.369 trillion in 159 countries. At present KOICA operates 44 country offices around the globe. (source : KOICA)

KOICA Cameroon Office

KOICA Cameroon Office was established in 2011 to support the economic and social development of Cameroon. KOICA Cameroon Office has been sharing Korea's development experience in the fields of health (emergency care), public administration (e-government), and education (vocational training) over the past 10 years based on the Country Program (CP), which is a country partnership strategy for Cameroon. KOICA has been striving to pioneer new areas of Cameroon. As a result, the Korean government's ODA projects were implemented, including performing projects such as Yaounde Emergency Center (with the Ministry of Health), Cameroon Electronic Procurement System (with the Ministry of Public Contracts), and National Institute for Vocational trainers (with the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training)..

Since 2017, KOICA has been continuing humanitarian assistance to children, women, refugees and internally displaced people in the far north, north, and eastern region of Cameroon with our multilateral cooperation partners to resolve the conflict and fragility issues. KOICA Cameroon Office will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to prevent the vulnerable from being marginalized, and we will do our best to ensure that these activities eventually lead to development and peace.

In addition, KOICA is taking the lead in promoting personal exchanges between the two countries by continuing the project to dispatch volunteers and the capacity-building project (invitational training) for public officials in Cameroon. As of 2019, the cumulative number of volunteers dispatched was 274, and the number of trainees invited was 972. Community development has been achieved in various regions of the Cameroon community through volunteer’s activities, and graduates of the invitational training program, including graduates of master's programs, are returning to Cameroon to make new changes in their respective positions.

KOICA's Cameroon Office will carry out ODA projects focused on people, peace, prosperity, and environment in line with the Korean government's ODA policy and policies toward Africa.

Introduction to duties

  • Country Program(CP)planning and rolling

  • Bilateral project management

  • Multilateral project management

  • Volunteer Project management

  • Capacity building project management

  • International Disease Eradication Fund and Innovation program management

Address and Contact

  • Main contact : +237 22220 7141
  • Fax : +237 22220 7144
  • E-mail address : cameroon@koica.go.kr

Video for celebrating 10th anniversary of KOICA Cameroon office