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Bilateral Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Cameroon and the Republic of Korea were established on August 10, 1961 and the year of 2021 marks 60 years of a strengthened friendship between the two countries. This friendship has been solidified by diverse cooperation in political and economic affairs, development cooperation and health. The cooperation in COVID-19 has made a step forward for our relations.

In political affairs, our bilateral relations have also been strengthened by official visits including the visit to Cameroon by the Vice Chairman of the National Assembly, Lee Joo-young in January 2019 and by the President of the Korean and Cameroonian friendship association, Yoon Gwan-seok in June 2019. And the two countries have held regular high-level exchange visits in rotation.
* (1st round) June in 2009, Seoul, (2nd round) June in 2011, Yaounde (3rd round) November in 2015, Seoul

In economic fields, Korean corporations try to make inroads into the Cameroonian market, and a constructive dialogue has continued including the 10th Korea-Cameroon Economy and Energy Cooperation Forum.

Moreover, the Embassy has held “Korea Week” in 2018 and 2019, two years in a row, facilitating cultural exchanges and promoting mutual understanding between Korea and Cameroon.

Bilateral Relationship

Establishment of diplomatic relations 1961.8.10
Embassy of the Republic
of Korea in Cameroon
Opening the embassy of the Republic of Korea to Cameroon in January 1969 (re-opening in 2008 following the withdrawal in 1998)
Ambassador Kim Jonghan’s post in June 2020
Bilateral trade amount 80 million USD(‘20.11, KITA)
Export 27 million USD(medical supplies, synthetic resins, and petrochemicals)
Import 53 million USD(natural gas)
Number of Korean residents about 130(‘19, MOFA)
Investment 11 cases, 14 million USD(‘20 total, Koreaexim)
ODA 114 million USD(‘87-‘18), 11th among African countries
KOICA’S 0.7 million dollars of drinking water improvement project in rural ares in 2020
Signing main agreements 70.08 - MOU on Medical Technology Cooperation
77.11 - General Agreement on Economy and Trade Cooperation
83.06 - Trade Agreement
11.02 - Agreement on Dispatching KOICA Volunteers
11.11 - Provisional Agreement on Exchange of the Youth
13.07 - Basic Agreement on Grant Aid
18.04 - Agreement on Guaranty of Investments