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K-Pop World Festival : Preliminary Round in Cameroon

2021 K-POP World Festival - Cameroon Preliminaries

관리자 │ 2021-05-21

"2021 K-POP World Festival - Cameroon Preliminaries" is being held at Hôtel Mont Fébé, Yaounde on July 09 (Fri), 2021. All Korean Culture enthusiasts are most welcome to participate in the contest.


I. Overview 


- Date: Friday, July 09, 2021

- Venue: Hôtel Mont Fébé, Yaounde

- Type of Performance: Vocal performance or Dance performance (1 performance winner and 1 vocal winner will be selected.)

- Qualification: All Cameroonians (Contestants must not be restricted from travelling overseas.)


II. Application


- How to apply: Fill in the application form (attached) and send it to us via email:

- Application deadline: 17:00, Friday, June 11, 2021


III. Selection of participants 


(1) For Vocal performances:

· 60%: Vocal Power

· 20%: Clarity & Accuracy of Lyrics

· 20%: Stage Charisma


(2) For Dance performances:

· 30%: Choreography

· 40%: Expression

· 30%: Stage Charisma


IV. Information on Further Schedule after the Cameroon Preliminaries

The Embassy will give an award certificate and prize to each winning team.

Every team will be offered a gift.

- If the winners are shortlisted as finalists, they will get a chance to be invited in Korea to perform at the 2021 K-Pop World Festival Finals (non-face-to-face). (※ Please note that due to COVID-19, only dance teams can be shortlisted.)


V. Contact:

 - (email)

 - (tel.) 222-203-756, 222-203-891

NB: The event will be closed to the public due to the COVID-19 crisis. Only shortlisted groups and artists will have access to the performance venue.

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